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It’s the 1930s, and you’re sitting in a cozy living room, eagerly waiting for your favorite cartoon to appear on the flickering black and white television screen. The quirky characters, the vibrant animations, and the jazzy soundtrack create an atmosphere of pure joy.

Now, imagine capturing that essence and infusing it into your design projects. That’s precisely what the Cuphead font accomplishes—a delightful blend of nostalgia and creativity.

In this article, we’ll explore the captivating world of Cuphead fonts, with a focus on “Alegreya Sans SC Bold” and “Madness Hyperactive.” So, let’s dive in!

Font Used

Alegreya Sans SC Bold

Madness Hyperactive

What is Cuphead?

Before we embark on our typographic journey, let’s take a moment to appreciate the marvel that is Cuphead. Developed and published by StudioMDHR, this run and gun video game takes inspiration from the whimsical cartoons of the 1930s. Released on Microsoft Windows and Xbox One in 2017, Cuphead quickly gained recognition for its unique art style and challenging gameplay. It flawlessly recreates the vintage era with its meticulously crafted theme, scenes, and even its music.

Cuphead font_logo_cover

Now, let’s explore the fonts that help bring this imaginative world to life.

Which Font Resemble Cuphead Font the Closest?

The fonts that closely resemble the Cuphead font are “Alegreya Sans SC Bold” by Huerta Tipografica and “Madness Hyperactive” by Chequered Ink.

Cuphead title font that is divided into two parts—“Cuphead” and “Don’t Deal With The Devil.” Alegreya Sans SC Bold captures the essence of the “Cuphead” part and Madness Hyperactive looks similar to the “Don’t Deal With The Devil” part.

These fonts can be used to recreate the vintage charm of the game. So, Let’s get to know them in details.

Alegreya Sans SC Bold

Cuphead logo and Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font

The Cuphead logo, with its captivating lettering, draws players into a world of wonder. While it’s a custom design, the closest font resemblance we can find is the enchanting “Alegreya Sans SC Bold” by Huerta Tipografica. This font serves as a solid foundation for creating your own version of the Cuphead logo with remarkable precision.


The Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font is part of the Alegreya Sans SC font family, a sans-serif typeface designed by Juan Pablo del Peral. One notable feature of the Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font is its clean, bold and modern look.

The geometric shapes and rounded edges give it a contemporary feel while maintaining a sense of elegance. If you’re looking to infuse your projects with a touch of humor and entertainment reminiscent of old comic book titles, Alegreya Sans SC is the perfect choice. Its whimsical charm and bold lettering will add a touch of authenticity to your designs.


Using the Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font in your designs offers several benefits. Firstly, its bold nature commands attention and draws the viewer’s eye, making it perfect for emphasizing important information or creating a focal point. Whether you’re designing a logo, poster, or website, this font’s bold variant will ensure your message is conveyed effectively and make a lasting impression.

Additionally, the Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font is highly legible, even at smaller sizes. The clarity of each letterform ensures that your text remains readable, enhancing the user experience. This makes it an excellent choice for body text or paragraphs where readability is essential. With Alegreya Sans SC Bold, you’ll unleash the power of nostalgia, creating captivating designs that transport your audience back to the golden age of animation.

Font View

To get a better idea of the Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font’s appearance, take a look at the font view below:

Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font View


The Alegreya Sans SC Bold Font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License. This means that it is free to use, modify, and distribute for personal and commercial projects. To learn more about the license, you can visit the SIL Open Font License FAQ at

Remember to always check the license terms and usage restrictions before incorporating any font into your designs.

Madness Hyperactive


Another font that perfectly complements the Cuphead aesthetic is “Madness Hyperactive” by Chequered Ink. Its playful curves and energetic vibe add a touch of excitement and whimsy to any design.


One of the key features of Madness Hyperactive is its cartoon-like appearance. The letters are bold and exaggerated, with a slightly irregular shape that gives them a hand-drawn feel. This makes the font perfect for projects that require a playful and lighthearted touch, such as children’s books, birthday invitations, or party decorations.

Furthermore, Madness Hyperactive is very versatile. Despite its playful nature, it remains highly legible, ensuring that your message is clear and easy to read. This is especially important in projects where readability is crucial, such as signage or website headers.


Madness Hyperactive brings a unique charm to child-centered design projects. With its condensed style and child-friendly appeal, it’s a perfect choice for capturing the attention of young audiences.

This condensed and child-friendly font is an excellent choice for projects focused on children, such as mobile game titles, cartoons, comic books, and posters. Whether you’re designing a mobile game, illustrating a cartoon, or creating a vibrant poster, Madness Hyperactive will infuse your work with an infectious sense of fun.

Using Madness Hyperactive adds personality and character to your designs. The font’s lively and energetic style can instantly make your project more engaging and memorable. It stands out from more traditional and conservative fonts, making it ideal for projects that need to make a bold statement.

Font View

Let’s get a closer look at the Madness Hyperactive font’s appearance from below:

Madness Hyperactive font view


You can use Madness Hyperactive for personal projects without any licensing restrictions. However, if you’re planning to use it commercially, make sure to purchase a license from Chequered Ink’s website.

The Cuphead Font Generator


In conclusion, the Cuphead font universe offers an array of captivating options. Whether you choose the vintage charm of Alegreya Sans SC Bold or the playful energy of Madness Hyperactive, these fonts will transport your audience to a bygone era of cartoons and ignite their imagination.

So, go ahead and download Alegreya Sans SC Bold and Madness Hyperactive for free. Purchase a license if needed, and let your creativity soar. Embrace the world of Cuphead fonts, and watch your designs come to life with a touch of nostalgia and whimsy.

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