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About The Font

Avenir Next font is designed by Adrian Frutiger, who is a graphic designer. The year was 1988 when this font was released for the graphic designing work.  It became instantly popular among the designers after it was released. Many corporations and designers used this font on their websites and in various other designs. There are 52 styles and 10 weights from regular to Heavy of the Avenir Next font. Previously when it came into being it used to carry 6 weights. Avenir Next font is a sans-serif typeface. This font is very popular. This font can be used where a unique touch is needed in a design. This font can also be specified in the CSS and Github. Nunito font is one of the closest fonts to the Avenir Next.

 This font has all case letters, punctuation marks, numbers symbols, and is also full of character sets.  It comprises many different styles, including Italic, Medium, and Thin. This font is a clean and modern typeface. There are many special features of this font that make it suitable for different designs. It is an extraordinary text which is perfect for any size of text. Avenir font is the parent font of Avenir Next font. This typeface is not an Adobe font. And this typeface is not inducted by Adobe software.


There are many uses of this modern font. The usages are:

  • Office task
  • Documentation
  • Invoices
  • Post descriptions
  • Articles writing
  • Promotion projects
  • App development
  • Webpage designs
  • Publishing projects
  • Records
  • Resumes
  • Contents
  • Ads
  • Project presentations
  • Draw simple text onto colorful backgrounds
  • Brochures (digital and print)
  • Images for websites and blogs

Thus, these are some uses of the Avenir Next font. There is more usage of this font.

Font information

NameAvenir Next Font
Designer nameAdrian Frutiger
File formatOpentype, Truetype
Font licenseCommercial font
TypeFree for personal use

License information

This particular font is completely free for personal use. There is no need for a license or any other permission for use in making personal designs. But one has to buy it for any type of commercial use or take authority’s permission.


Avenir Next font can be downloaded from the download option given here for personal use. A design can be made unique using the font downloaded from the option.

Font family

Font family includes 52 typefaces. Some of them are:

  1. Avenir Next Condensed Ultra Light
  2. Avenir Next Condensed Ultra Light Italic
  3. Avenir Next Condensed Thin
  4. Avenir Next Condensed Thin Italic
  5. Avenir Next Condensed Light
  6. Avenir Next Condensed Light Italic
  7. Avenir Next Condensed
  8. Avenir Next Condensed Italic
  9. Avenir Next Condensed Medium
  10. Avenir Next Ultra Light
  11. Avenir Next Ultra Light Italic
  12. Avenir Next Thin
  13. Avenir Next Thin Italic
  14. Avenir Next Light
  15. Avenir Next Light Italic
  16. Avenir Next Regular
  17. Avenir Next Cyrillic Medium Italic
  18. Avenir Next Cyrillic Demi
  19. Avenir Next Cyrillic Demi Italic
  20. Avenir Next Cyrillic Bold
  21. Avenir Next Cyrillic Bold Italic
  22. Avenir Next Cyrillic Heavy
  23. Avenir Next Cyrillic Heavy Italic
  24. Avenir Next Georgian Regular
  25. Avenir Next Georgian Medium
  26. Avenir Next Georgian Demi
  27. Avenir Next Georgian Bold

Similar to Avenir Next

There are similar fonts as the Avenir next fonts as this is a very unique font to date. Some of them are:

  • Montserrat Font
  • Sofia Pro-light Font
  • Museo Sans Font
  • Proxima Nova Font
  • Nunito Font
  • ITC Souvenir Font
  • Muli Font
  • Miller Font
  • Montserrat Font

Font pairing

  • Monostena + Avenir Next
  • Harriet Display + Avenir Next
  • Athelas + Avenir Next
  • Flat + Avenir Next
  • Univers Next + Avenir Next
  • Miller Display + Avenir Next
  • Trade Gothic + Avenir Next
  • Metro Nova + Avenir Next
  • Butler + Avenir Next
  • Adelle + Avenir Next

Supported languages

The languages that are supported by the Avenir Next font are:

Urdu, Arabic, Spanish, English, Portuguese, Russian, Persian, German, French, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Kurdish (Latin), Azerbaijani (Latin), Azerbaijani (Cyrillic), Romanian, Dutch, Greek, Hungarian, Serbian (Latin), Serbian (Cyrillic), Bulgarian, Hebrew, Swedish, Armenian, Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Slovenian, Irish, Estonian, Basque, Luxembourgian, Icelandic and Vietnamese in Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, Arabic, Thai, Hebrew, Georgian, Armenian etc.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Is Avenir Next free to use?

Ans: It is a free font that is accessible for personal work. For commercial work, one needs to buy a license.

2. Where can Anevir Font be used?

Ans: It is the best choice for places where someone wants to give a professional touch. This font is considered one of the best fonts for graphic design.

3. What font goes well with the Avenir font?

Ans: This font is also well-known for its pairing functions and one can use this font with the pairing of Monostena, Harriet Display, Athelas font.

4. What font is closest to Avenir Next?

Ans: Montserrat Font, Eau Font, Manrope Font, Nunito Font, Mulish Font, these fonts are the most similar fonts to the Avenir Next font typeface.

5. Is Avenir Next a good font?

Ans: It is one of the most versatile typefaces than other Sans-serif fonts and brings exclusiveness in design. It is always wise to use this font in work and office tasks.

6. Who is the designer of Avenir Next font?

Ans: Adrian Frutiger designed the Avenir Next font.

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