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The “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat has become a symbol of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and his slogan to “Make America Great Again.” One interesting aspect of the hat is the font used to write the letters “MAGA.” In this article, we explore the history and design of the MAGA font.

Differentiation of the Make America Great Again Font

According to experts who have studied the font, there are distinct differences between the MAGA font and other fonts. For instance, the letter “R” on the MAGA hat has a straight, downward slant, while other fonts curve in that same spot. The “A” on the MAGA hat has a higher crossbar than other fonts, and the “E” on the hat is not centered like it is in other fonts. Additionally, some parts of the MAGA font are thicker or thinner than others, which sets it apart from other fonts like American typewriter.

Designing the MAGA Font

Cali Fame, the company that produces the MAGA hats, has said that they created a custom font for the hat’s logo. This was likely done to differentiate genuine MAGA hats from counterfeit ones. The font used for the base was Century Book, which was then altered to create the unique look of the MAGA font.

For the letters “R” and “G,” Times New Roman font was used because of its distinctive shape. After adding strokes to both Century font and TNR font, a close match was achieved that captured the feel of the MAGA hat. This was a time-consuming process, but the end result was a custom font that helped to make the MAGA hat easily recognizable.

In the following image, we tried to give you a better idea of how it looks.

MAGA Font Generator

Similar fonts to MAGA

There are other fonts that are similar to the MAGA font, such as the Marion Bold font. However, the main difference between Marion Bold and the MAGA font is the different style of leg on the “R.”


The MAGA hat has become a cultural phenomenon and the font used for the “Make America Great Again” slogan has contributed to its iconic status. The font was custom designed by Cali Fame using a combination of Century Book font and Times New Roman font. This combination was redesigned to create the unique look of the MAGA font. The use of a custom font helps to distinguish genuine MAGA hats from counterfeit ones, making it easy for people to recognize the real deal.

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