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Are you tired of using the same old fonts for your designs? Look no further, as we introduce the Mr Beast Font, the dynamic duo of Komika Axis Font and Obelix Pro Font will take your designs to the next level.

Font Used

Komika Axis Font

Komika Axis Font

Obelix Pro Font

Obelix Pro Font

What is the Mr Beast Font?

The Mr Beast Font is not a single font, but rather a term used to refer to two specific typefaces that have become popular due to their consistent use by Mr Beast on his YouTube channel, video thumbnails, and subtitles.

The fonts in question are the Komika Axis Font by Vigilante Typeface C and Obelix Pro Font by Valentin Antonov. The Komika Axis Font is a playful and creative typeface, while the Obelix Pro Font is a modern and bold typeface with geometric shapes and clean lines.

These fonts have become synonymous with Mr Beast’s brand and are now in high demand among designers and enthusiasts. Designers and enthusiasts refer to them as the “Mr Beast font” and are using them in their own designs.

Mr beast font

It’s incredible how a single influencer’s choice of font can impact the design industry and create a new trend. It just goes to show the power of branding and marketing and how choosing the right font can make all the difference in creating a strong visual identity.

The Komika Axis Font

Komika Axis is a visually engaging comic-style font, which was collaboratively designed by Apostrophic Laboratories and Vigilante Typeface Corporation. Komika Axis is that it’s free for personal use, making it an accessible option for designers who are just starting out or working on personal projects.

Komika Axis is just one member of the Komika font family, which includes 50 different fonts with unique styles and variations. This wide variety makes it a great option for a wide range of projects, including children’s videos, cartoons, or books, as well as for logo design and branding. Whether you’re looking to create a playful or creative design, this typeface can add a unique touch to your work.

The font’s quirky curves and angles make it perfect for creating designs that stand out and add personality to any project, including posters, flyers, and social media graphics. No wonder why Mr Beast, the famous YouTuber, uses this font frequently for his logos and subtitles. With its cheerful and minimalistic approach, it is a great choice for designers who want to convey a message that’s easily understandable by their audience.

Obelix Pro Font

The Obelix Pro Font designed by Valentin Antonov is a modern and bold display typeface with geometric shapes and clean lines. It has a bold and fancy appearance that makes it an excellent choice for creating eye-catching designs.

One of the unique features of Obelix Pro is its readability. The font’s boldness makes it easy to read even from a distance, which is why it’s a great option for branding, packaging, and logo design purposes. Additionally, it’s commonly used in creating thumbnails, just like the ones used by Mr. Beast, to attract the audience’s attention.

Obelix Pro Font

The versatile typeface can actually be used in a variety of design applications. Thick strokes and exaggerated curves give it a playful feel, making it an ideal choice for titles and captions that need to stand out. However, the font’s outline is recommended to make thicker to match similarity with Mr beast’s thumbnail font. The font is available for free personal use, and it offers both upper and lower-case characters.

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Who is Mr Beast?

Mr Beast is a YouTube star with over 150 million subscribers, known for his philanthropic activities and entertaining videos. However, what some people might not know is that Mr Beast’s choice of fonts has contributed to the rise in popularity of two specific typefaces – Komika Axis Font by Vigilante Typeface C and Obelix Pro Font by Valentin Antonov.


In conclusion, Mr Beast’s choice of fonts has become a popular trend in the design industry, with the Komika Axis Font and Obelix Pro Font becoming the “Mr Beast font.” It’s fascinating to see how an influencer’s font choice can have such a significant impact on the design community and create a new trend. Whether you’re a designer or a brand owner, it’s essential to choose your fonts wisely and make sure they align with your brand’s identity and values.

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We hope you found this information helpful and inspiring. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we wish you all the best in your creative endeavors! 😊

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