Superspace Light Font

If you’re looking for a font that screams modern and futuristic, look no further than Superspace Light Regular. With its clean lines and sharp edges, this font is perfect for any design project that needs a touch of the avant-garde.

In this article, we’ll dive deeper into the features of the Superspace Light Font and how you can use it to make your designs stand out.

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Superspace Light Font

Superspace Light Font

What is Superspace Light Font?

Superspace Light is a sans-serif font that was created by Fontcraft’s Jutipong Poosumas in 2015. It has a light word weight and medium word width, which means that it’s perfect for use in headers, titles, and other prominent text. The font has a total of 373 characters and 239 glyphs, including Latin, Thai, and symbol characters.

Features and Benefits

The Superspace Light Font has several features that make it stand out from other modern fonts. Its clean lines and geometric shapes give it a futuristic look and feel that’s perfect for any design project that needs to convey innovation and modernity. Additionally, its light word weight and medium word width make it easy to read at larger sizes without overwhelming the viewer.

Another benefit of the Superspace Light Font is its versatility. It’s suitable for a wide range of design projects, including websites, logos, posters, and more. Its inclusion of various character sets also makes it a great option for international designs that need to incorporate different languages and symbols.

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How to Use Superspace Light Font

When using the Superspace Light Font in your design projects, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. First, because the font has a light word weight, it’s best used in larger sizes to ensure readability. Second, the font’s geometric shapes work well in minimalist designs, but may clash with more ornate styles.

To get the most out of the Superspace Light Font, try pairing it with other modern fonts or minimalist design elements. For example, you could use Superspace Light for your headers and titles, and pair it with a simple sans-serif font for your body text. You could also use it in a logo design to convey a sense of modernity and innovation.

Font Pairing

Here’s a list of fonts that would look great when used with the Superspace Light Font.

  • Visby
  • Concrete
  • Bold Addict
  • Vanguard
  • Maxnos
  • The Mezirane
  • Faktor
  • Greycliff

The Superspace Light Font Generator

Fonts Alternative to Superspace Light Font

If you are looking for similar looking fonts for an alternative option, take a look at the list below:

  • Sqwared Thin
  • Obvia Expanded ExtraLight
  • Kongress Light
  • Absentia Sans Light
  • Slow Tempo Light
  • Obvia Wide Thin
  • Auster Light
  • Foda Sans Medium Rnd
  • Flexo Soft Thin
  • Broadside Light Extended
  • Zagore Light
  • Radian Extra Light
  • Rohyt Geometric ExtraLight
  • Beuys Regular
  • Kaisar Extra Light
  • Fancy Light
  • M Gothic Gold HK Medium


In conclusion, the Superspace Light Font is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a modern and futuristic typeface. With its clean lines and geometric shapes, it’s perfect for a wide range of design projects. Just be sure to keep in mind its light word weight and medium word width when using it in your designs.

So, whether you’re designing a website, creating a logo, or designing a poster, the Superspace Light Font is a versatile option that’s sure to make your designs stand out.

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