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Are you looking for a font that exudes rebellion, courage, and grit? Look no further than “The Boys Font,” a custom font created for marketing materials of the popular hit Amazon Prime series, “The Boys.” This font has quickly become a fan favorite for its bold and daring style.

Font Used

Charlie don’t surf!

The boys

What’s the Actual Font Used in the The Boys Font?

“Charlie don’t surf!” is a bold display font that captures the same spirit as “The Boys Font.” Created by Juha Korhonen aka junkohanhero. This font features sharp angles and thick strokes that give it a powerful and commanding presence.

Charlie don't surf!

This font is perfect for designs that need to make a statement, such as posters, book covers, or logos. Its bold and daring style makes it a great choice for anyone looking to convey strength, courage, and rebelliousness.

Everything about the Charlie don’t surf! Font

Charlie Don’t Surf is a popular font designed by Juha Korhonen, also known as junkohanhero, in June 2014. It belongs to the Sans Serif font family and has a single Regular style. This font is available in TTF format and can be used on various platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Salient Features

One of the most significant features of Charlie Don’t Surf font is its character set, which consists of 653 characters. This font supports over 30 languages, making it ideal for global design projects. Additionally, it has 47 similar fonts, which designers can use as alternatives to Charlie Don’t Surf.

Charlie Don’t Surf font has several versions, including Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. This makes it easy to choose the right version for your project. Additionally, the font is designed to be easy to read, even at smaller sizes, making it an excellent choice for various design applications.


The unique blocky style of Charlie Don’t Surf font makes it ideal for designing logos, posters, and t-shirts. It is a popular choice for creating bold and distinctive designs that stand out from the crowd. The font’s easy-to-read design makes it perfect for conveying information quickly, making it a great choice for banners and other graphics.


Charlie Don’t Surf font is free for personal use. This means that anyone can use this font for their personal projects without having to pay any fees. However, if you plan to use this font for commercial purposes, you’ll need to purchase a license.

All in all, Charlie Don’t Surf font is a popular choice for designers looking for a distinctive and bold font. Its unique style, extensive character set, and support for multiple languages make it a versatile font suitable for various design projects. Whether you’re creating a logo, poster, or t-shirt design, Charlie Don’t Surf font is an excellent choice that won’t disappoint.

The Boys Font Generator

About The Boys Serial

The Boys” is a TV series that offers a unique and darkly comedic take on the superhero genre. It presents a world where superheroes are corrupt and morally bankrupt, and follows a group of vigilantes who try to take them down. The show’s raw and gritty depiction of violence and adult themes, along with its exploration of social and political issues, make it a thought-provoking and entertaining watch.



In conclusion, “The Boys Font” is a custom typeface used in the hit Amazon Prime series, “The Boys,” that captures the show’s bold and rebellious spirit. While it may not be available for commercial use, there are similar fonts available, such as “Charlie don’t surf!,” that can be used to achieve a similar effect. So, whether you’re designing a poster, book cover, or logo, consider using a font that captures the same sense of strength and daring as “The Boys Font.”

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