Aquaman Font

Aquaman font is inspired by the Aquaman movie and comic book logo. And who is the Aquaman? Aquaman is a fictional character and DC Comics superhero created by Paul Norris and Mort Weisinger. He is the half-human, half-Atlantean heir to the throne of Atlantis, who has the ability to communicate with marine life, breathe underwater, and possess superhuman strength.

Having made his debut in DC cinematic with his own film in 2019, the film was highly successful and praised. They will also release a sequel called Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom in December 2023.

What Font is Aquaman?

Aquaman Movie logo vs Aquawax font similarity

Aquman movie titles and posters use a unique and eye-catchy font but it is a custom design. It is most similar to the Aquawax font, a fan-made replica font inspired by the movie. The upcoming Aquaman sequel also looks very similar to the lettering. You can check out the image below for confirmation.

Aquaman Movie logo vs Fury font similarity

Fury font is designed by Iconian Fonts and matches the Aquaman comic logo. You can use it to design an Aquaman-inspired theme or designs for comic books or any other related projects. However, it is not free so you need to purchase a license to use it.

Aquaman Font Generator

Our Aquaman font generator is free online and lets you create and preview text in the Aquaman font. You can type in your text, select the font size, color, and background, and see how it looks in real-time. Once you’re happy with the results, you can download the customized image or font file.


In Aquaman, a custom font was used, but Aquawax has since been recreated. It is a free font you can use for personal and commercial use. And the Fury font was used in the cover of the manga. These fonts are perfect for creating powerful and heroic designs.

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