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Minecraft is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to create and explore virtual worlds made of blocks. The game’s unique graphics and aesthetic have led to the beginning of the Minecraft font, a pixelated typeface instantly recognizable to fans.

The game has been around since 2009 and has undergone several changes in its logo design. Here is a brief overview of Minecraft logos and their similar or lookalike fonts.

Font Used

Similar or Replica

Caleuche Ultra Bold

Caleuche Ultra Bold Font

Minercraftory font

Minercraftory Font

Minecraft Ten

Minecraft Ten Font

Minecraft Fifty Solid

Minecraft Fifty Solid Font


Minecraft font

Minecraft Font Generator

Minecraft Logo in 2009 and its similar font (First Logo).

The first logo for Minecraft was created by Hayden Scott-Baron in 2009, but it was never used by the brand. It featured the word “MINECRAFT” in a bold sans-serif font, with the letters stuck together and jumping around. The letters had a blue and green pattern that resembled the sky and the ground in the game.


We found a similar font to this logo called Caleuche Ultra Bold Inline. It’s a commercial font.

Minecraft Logo in 2011 and its similar font

The second logo for Minecraft was introduced in 2011, when the game was officially released. It was designed by Markus Toivonen, one of the developers of the game. It showed the word “MINECRAFT” in a 3D stone-like font, with cracks and rifts on the surface. The letter A had a hole in the shape of a creeper’s face, one of the iconic enemies in the game. This logo is still used for the Java Edition of the game, which is the original version for PC.


A similar font to this logo is Minecraft Ten by NubeFonts. The font is free for personal use, but there is a commercial version as well.

Minecraft Logo in 2013 and its similar font

The third logo for Minecraft was introduced in 2013, when the game was released for PlayStation 3 and other consoles. It was a modified version of the previous logo, with a gradient added to give it more depth and shine. This logo became the main logo of the franchise after Microsoft bought Mojang, the developer of Minecraft, in 2014. This logo was used for all editions of Minecraft until 2021, except for the Java Edition.


This logo is similar to the Minercraftory font by Jayvee Enaguas. You can use the commercially available font for free.

Minecraft Logo in 2021 and its similar font

The fourth logo for Minecraft was introduced in 2021, as part of an update called Caves & Cliffs. It was designed by Bold Scandinavia, an agency hired by Mojang Studios (the new name of Mojang after Microsoft’s acquisition). It featured an updated design of the previous logo, with inverted gradients, squarer lettering, and more symmetrical rifts. This logo debuted in Bedrock Edition 1.17.30 (the cross-platform version of Minecraft), replacing the previous one.


A similar font to this logo is Minecraft Fifty Solid Font by Fifty Walrus. Which is also a free font.

Note: For Minecraft in-game text we found a similar font known as Minecraft by Craftron Gaming.


The Minecraft font is an original and instantly recognizable typeface that is beloved by Minecraft fans worldwide. These are some of the main logos that have represented Minecraft over time. They also have similar or lookalike fonts that you can use to create your own designs inspired by them.

Whether you’re designing Minecraft-related graphics, YouTube thumbnails, or server logos, these fonts are sure to give your designs that pixelated and blocky look that Minecraft fans love.

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