Morable Font

What is the Morable font? It is a script typeface featuring a smooth and graceful design. In this article, we will talk about this font and tell you everything about it.

About The Font

Morable is a handwritten calligraphy script typeface. Murtadha bin Sulaiman designed, and Malindo Creative published this font. This font has an irregular flow and versatile application. Morable is a Unicode font which supports a wide range of languages and characters. This makes it an ideal choice for international projects.


You can use the Morable font in many ways. It can be used as a headline font, a body text font, or even as a decorative element. Morable is a customizable font, so adjust the size, color, and background to fit your design needs. You can also experiment with different letter spacing and kerning to create a distinct look.

Font View

Morable Font Characters View

Morable Font Generator

Explore and try our Morable font generator. Simply type in your text, select the font, and customize it by adjusting the size, color, and background. The generator provides a real-time preview of the changes.


Morable is a versatile font perfect for modern designs. It has a clean and minimalist look that makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. You can try out the font using our font generator. If you are looking for more fonts then try out Kis, Dollie Script, and Zapfino font now!

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