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Which font is used in Persona 5?

In the video game Persona 5, there is a font called P5 Hatty that is used. It was created by a font designer named Hatty Mikune and is commonly referred to in gaming circles and forums. In the Japanese version of the game, a font called “Rodin (ロダン)” is used for all elements. For logo it’s just “Arial” in bold for the “Persona 5” words. The “p5” part of the logo is similar to “Markin LT Ultra Bold” font but the designers make some customization on it.

Persona 5 is a Japanese role-playing video game developed by Atlus. The game has a custom-designed logo, which is used on various materials related to the game, including its packaging, promotional materials, and in-game interface. The logo is a stylized representation of the game’s title and features bold, block letters with striking shapes and curves. The overall design of the logo is eye-catching and memorable, making it an influential part of the game’s branding and visual identity.

The “Persona 5 font” is described as an elegant, open modern sans typeface that includes all Latin characters, punctuation, special characters, and numbers. It is designed to have a little bit of flair to add personality and can be used for both body copy and headers. The font is available for personal use with a free license. A YouTube video tutorial is available on how to get the font.

Font Used

Similar or Replica

1. Markin LT Ultra Bold

Markin LT UltraBold Font

2. Persona 5 Menu Font

Persona 5 Menu Font Prototype Font

3. Expose Regular Font

Expose Regular Font

4. Heavy Heap Font

Heavy Heap Font

5. P5Hatty Font

p5hatty font

6. Persona5main Font


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Other Font Options

There is a fan-made font called Persona5main by YouTuber Craig Tiplady.

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