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Trade Gothic is a grotesque sans-serif typeface font that was designed by Jackson Burke in 1948. It is more irregular than other sans-serif families that came later, like Helvetica and Univers. It is popular in the designer community for customized designs. 

It was redesigned by Akira Kobayashi and Tom Grace in 2009. In the updated version, they removed the inconsistencies of the original family. Some new features were added, such as terminals, stroke endings, spacing, and kerning. It has a total of 17 styles, with four weights and three widths.

Trade Gothic supports ISO-Adobe 2, Adobe CE, and Latin Extended characters. Since it is an Open Type font, it includes subscript and superscript, as well as proportional lining figures. It is available in Google Fonts. It is famous for its pairing function.

You can use this superior font without spending a penny on your personal project. But, if you want to use it commercially, you need to buy a license. As you are here, you should test the free version once. Just go to the download section and hit the download button.


It would be greatly appreciated if you could incorporate Trade Gothic into the logo. Amnesty International has been using it both for the organization’s logo and the body text of its printed matter since 2008. If you are tense about designing your brand, you can choose it without any doubt. It has been heavily used in the Rapha cycling wear brand. The University of Alabama and Israel Defense Forces media are also using it for many of their projects.

You can use it to create movie trailers, video games, and promotional videos for Trade Gothic. It is suitable for film posters, product packaging, and labeling. You can create legitimate playing cards, birthday or greeting card designs, and lots of different similar things with it. You can use it in banners, calendars, and brochures.

Trade Gothic is perfect for use in blogs, websites, and mobile apps. You can use it in your presentations, documents, and reports. It is also usable in video tutorials and Youtube Thumbnails.

Font information

NameTrade Gothic Font
StyleSans serif
DesignerJackson Burke (1940), Akira Kobayashi (2009), Tom Grace(2009)
File FormatOTF, TTF
Font LicenceCommercial (Updated 21-08-2021)
TypeFree Version

License Information

Trade Gothic Font is fully free. You can use it both personally and commercially without spending a single penny. It provides all of its functionalities without a license. You don’t need to provide any personal data to store it on your computer. Just move to the download section. You will get details there. Don’t worry about downloading; it is super easy to get lifetime access without money.


Trade Gothic font is here. You don’t need to sign up, provide an email, subscription, or anything else. Simply click on the download button and have unlimited fun.

Font Family

Trade Gothic has a rich font family.

  • Trade Gothic® Light
  • Trade Gothic® Light Oblique
  • Trade Gothic® Roman
  • Trade Gothic® Oblique
  • Trade Gothic® Bold
  • Trade Gothic® Bold #2
  • Trade Gothic® Bold Oblique
  • Trade Gothic® Bold #2 Oblique 
  • Trade Gothic® Condensed #18
  • Trade Gothic® Condensed #18 Oblique
  • Trade Gothic® Bold Condensed #20
  • Trade Gothic® Bold Condensed #20 Oblique
  • Trade Gothic® Extended
  • Trade Gothic® Bold Extended

Similar to Trade Gothic Font

Trade Gothic has a lot of similar fonts. Here we have added some of the closest fonts that are also followable for you.

  • Helvetica
  • Quirky Grotesques
  • OPTIAlternateGothic-TwoAg
  • NHL Montreal
  • TraditionellSans-Bold
  • Bebas
  • AlternateGothicEF-NoTwo
  • MLB Blue Jays Modern
  • Ek Mukta ExtraBold
  • Langdon

Trade Gothic Font Pairing

Font pairings have no straightforward rules. It depends upon your choices and design concepts. However, you can try the following combinations. 

  • United
  • Lato
  • Futura
  • FF Mark
  • Merriweather
  • Sentinel
  • Helvetica Neue
  • Avenir Next
  • Brandon Grotesque
  • DIN

Trade Gothic Language Support

Trade Gothic is available in these languages.

English, Greek, Greenlandic, Guarani, Haitian Creole, Hausa, Hawaiian, Hiligaynon, Hill Mari, Hmong, Hopi, Hungarian, Ibanag, Icelandic, Iloko (Ilokano), Indonesian, Interglossa (Glosa), Interlingua, Yapese.


What type of font Is Trade Gothic?

Ans: Trade Gothic is a grotesque sans-serif typeface font that was designed by Jackson Burke in 1948. It was redesigned by Akira Kobayashi and Tom Grace in 2009.

Can I use Trade Gothic Font on My Website?

Ans: Yes, you can. You can use it on the website both for designing and titling. It will increase the beauty of your website.

Is Trade Gothic a free font?

Ans: Yes, Trade Gothic is a full free font. You can use it both for personal and commercial projects without spending a penny.

Can I download and use Trade Gothic font on My Pc and Mac?

Ans: Yes, it is available for all electronic devices and operating systems. You can simply download and use it on your PC and Mac. 

Can I use Trade Gothic for my logo?

Ans: Yes, you can make wonderful logos with it.

How to Install Trade Gothic Font in Adobe, Ms. Word, Mac, or PC?

Ans: Please check the installation process of the Trade Gothic font for Adobe, MS Word, Mac, and PC.

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