High On Life Font

What font is used in the game High On Life?

High On Life Font is a custom logo font was designed by their studio for the high on life game.

Although, the game logo is closely related to some fonts that are similar as you can see, the word “High” on the logo resembles to the Arial Rounded Regular font. The word “on life” in the logo is not recognized due to the monster-shaped custom design type. As of now, there are no fan-made fonts available for it.

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About The Game

High on Life is a comedic first-person shooter game with action-adventure and Metroidvania elements, developed and published by Squanch Games and created by Justin Roiland. Justin Roiland is also the co-creator of the animated science fiction sitcom “Rick and Morty”. It was released in December 2022 for Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The game takes place in a science-fiction world and features players using living alien weapons, including five guns and one sentient knife, to fight enemies and solve puzzles.

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